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The mystery and wealth
of the rocks
with the eyes of the child

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A stone is

a living being

with a storyfrom far away

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The simple story

of a modern kind of nature

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about me

Paolo Colombini was born and bred in the heart of the Dolomites, in Fornace, Trentino. His artistic sensibility was nourished by the extraordinary and mysterious manifestations of those landscapes. The path that led him to give expression to his artistic vein is marked precisely by an interior dialogue with nature.




Presences and River flowers are the works exhibited in authoritative national galleries, monolithic objects of great visual charm in which material and artistic gesture are joined in a unique, intimate and indissoluble bond.

Paolo Colombini produces works of small dimensions in private collections to works of monumental size. He presents at many major contemporary fairs in Milan, Padua, Verona, Bolzano. His are appreciation through publications and acknowledgements.

Paolo Colombini’s works are part of private collections in Italy, Enlgand, Austria, Germany, USA, France and the Low Countries. Moreover, a collection of his works is exhibited permanently on the isle of Certosa in Venice.


Stones reveal

the secrets of our origin

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Dolomitesthe source of


Based in Localita’ Sille Valsugana, Paolo Colombini’s workshop in just a few kilometres outside Trento town in Northern Italy. The richness and the extraordinary geographical variety of the Trentino region had always been an important source of creative inspiration for the artist. The surrounding landscape of Dolomites is a fascinating spectacle of scattered stones, volcanic rocks and majestic mountain ranges.

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